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Smell good, and drain your bank account in the process!

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Welcome to Evil Enablers!

evil_enablers is: a community to talk about various shops that specialize in "feel good" products such as perfume, bath products, makeup, toiletries, a little tea, a little chocolate! Some of our favorite shops include Oyin Handmade, Arcana Soaps, Demeter Fragrances, CB:I Hate Perfume.

evil_enablers is not: a community to discuss arts, crafts, or jewelry. We are not a general Etsy help or discussion group, though many of our favorites have Etsy shops. We are not a BPAL-centric crowd, for there are enough BPAL communities on the planet already.

Community Rules
  1. Reviews: Review your latest finds and addictions any day of the week. We love our reviewers! Please try to remember to tag your post with "product reviews" as well as the name of the company ("arcana soaps," per example). (If you cannot find a tag for the company you're reviewing, please let us know in your post and we will add it in!)
  2. Sales:
    • Sales may only posted on Sunday and Monday.
    • Do not post your sale on both days.
    • All sale items must be behind an LJ-cut.
    • If you are uncomfortable with using an LJ-cut, please feel free to link to a sale in your personal journal as long as the post is not friends locked.
    • Your sales must include at least one other company besides Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

  3. Decant circles: Decant circles can begin at any time, but please do not post updates regarding your circle more than twice per week.
    • BPAL-releated decant circles and other promotions are not allowed in this community. Please post them elsewhere!

  4. Self promotions: If you are an e-tailer with your own smell-good product business, you may promote yourself on Tuesdays only. You can use each Tuesday to post newsletters, promotional codes, sale information and product updates. Please keep in mind that if you are affiliated financially with a company in any way, your post about them is considered self promotion.
  5. Auctions: Post auction links only with your sales posts/bumps if you must post auction links. We prefer you don't, honestly.
  6. Swaps: No day restrictions for swaps, but please use an LJ-cut for your actual swap items! Update: Please make sure your swap list doesn't have prices for items, or it will be considered a sales post.
  7. General Chatter: Obviously, please keep all general discussion posts on-topic.
    • Feel free to post an introduction when you join (make sure you use the intro tag!) and let us know what products you love (or don't love).
    • We'd love to see photos of your collection, but if the image is more than 400px wide, please put it behind an lj-cut. We also love reviews... but if you're reviewing a lot of products, an lj-cut would be appreciated here as well!
    • Do not cross-post your BPAL chatter from other communities to this one; we're all a member of those communities, too, but we're here for the more hard-to-find stuff.
We have a three strikes, you're out policy at evil_enablers. You will be warned if your postings do not meet the above guidelines before they are removed.

Policy updates: For most recent updates to our policies, please be sure to check the moderator tag for recent announcements! This user info was last updated 05/29/2008 by hermintage.

  • LJ's tag system helps us keep the community organized! Find a list of tags or suggest new tags by commenting on this entry. If you have a question about tag usage, you may want to check out this entry.
  • Keep up with the latest products by using this list of e-tailers. Post links to products you find there as well!
  • This community was created by Karen gegenschein, and is co-moderated by Meredith hermintage & Pru prunesnprisms. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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