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[sticky post] quick mod post

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I finally remember to post my sale page here on the proper day & it looks like nobody's home!

But if anyone is lurking, I now have a larger list of all types of scented items for sale at my personal LJ... Come take a look!

~~~ More products added: 3/25/17  ~~~

~~~ More NAVA added: 5/22/17  ~~~



Lush I'm Home Perfume

LUSH Kitchen SOLD OUT "I'm Home" perfume - sprayed once -

[Spoiler (click to open)]

bought on eBay for $95 plus shipping - sprayed once, not for me - due to perfume with alcohol, must send UPS. I'd do $95 shipped UPS which would be my loss your gain!

Description: Lush UK Kitchen *I'm Home* Liquid Perfume in box! 30ml/1oz Lush scent description:
A world of adventures is left outside the door, the perfume of home beckons. As I step over the threshold, a blanket of vanilla absolute wraps me up in a warm embrace, leaving a sweet scent.  A pot of gently spiced chocolate bubbles on the stove, cocoa absolute drawing out memories of all the things I love. I sink into the folds of the familiar arm chair, well-read books resting against walls. The warming scent of benzoin resinoid gently strokes across my skin. the creak of the stairs say, "She's coming to greet you!" As the windows protect me from the rain, and the air crackles with a warming fragrance, I know, I'm home. Never before released in Kitchen, this is part of a new collection released at the Lush Creative Showcase. It is unavailable to the public and there are currently no release dates listed for these Volume 4 perfumes.
**Note: This was 36 gbp and UK shipping to US for all perfumes is 26 gbp


The last NAVA decant circle of the year & the near future contains 16 Studio Limiteds as well as a second chance at the NAVAlidays! Open ordering is until Saturday 12/10.

The December 2016 Nocturne Alchemy / VApothecary Decant Circle!

Piles of scents at my Thanksgiving Sale!!

Hello fellow scent fans! Like many stores, I'm starting Black Friday sales early.  I have a few incentives going on at my sales post through 11/27:

  • Any purchase of $20 or more pre-shipping will get 20% off the pre-shipping total

  • Any purchase of $30 or more post-discount will get free US shipping or half-price international shipping

  • All buyers can pick one item from anywhere in this post marked $4 or less for free!

Loads of lovely scents from several different e-tailers lurk behind the fake cut; there's something for everyone! I also have a handful of non-scent items including a full set of the Celtic Tarot. You can also pick something from my Free Sniffy list in addition to your free item described above. I am willing to haggle, especially for multi-item purchases. ^_^

Click to find BPAL, Conjure Oils, Heaven and Earth Essentials, Nocturne Alchemy, Possets, Super Bad, ZOMG Smells and more!

Though I'm mostly interested in selling right now, I will still consider swap offers for items on my enormous wish list. In particular, if you have any of Haunt's sugar polishes or a batch of imps and/or pipettes to rehome, let me know!


Open ordering for the November NAVA decant circle (NAVAlidays) will be closing on Saturday 11/19. So please get your orders & payments in.

Orders can be placed after Saturday & until the box arrives, but only from what I may have left.

The November 2016 Nocturne Alchemy / VApothecary Decant Circle!

Take it all!

After all these years of collecting, I never thought I'd say this but ... I just don't wear it much anymore. These imps and bottles have been sitting in storage in my closest for a long time, with no love. And they deserve better.

What I have:


Lick it 2005 - Full to shoulders. Still smells delicious!
Shub-Niggurath. Well aged. Full to shoulder.
O. Bit less then 1/2 full.
Blue Pumpkin Floss. Full to shoulder.

Blood Drop
Apple Cider Doughnuts. 1/2 full.
Crepe Paper Heart. 1/4 full.

Violette Market - The Olive Grove. 1/4 full.

Imps & Mini bottles

Violette Market State Fair 2012 Vanilla Bean & White Mint. Brown mini bottle. Maybe 1 & 1/2 imps worth.
Violette Market State Fair 2012 Strawberry Creme Penny Candy. Brown mini bottle. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bpal imp. Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo. 3/4.
Bpal imp. Machu Picchu. Full to label top.
Bpal imp. Aizen-Myoo. A bit below label top.

2 Sample tins by The Garden Bath. 6 full imps per tin. 12 imps total. Foodie and fruity scents.

$37 for everything, plus $5 for priority shipping within US.
I am open to offers. Not really looking to trade at this time. Unless you play Dragoncave, and then we can talk. LOL.


Linen wrapped Mummies and Moon of the Sisters
Zombies and Vampires and gray Werewolf whiskers
Black Bats that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things.

Open ordering for the October NAVA decant circle (NAVAlloween part 2) will be closing on Saturday 10/15. So please get your orders & payments in.

Orders can be placed after Saturday & until the box arrives, but only from what I may have left.

The October 2016 Nocturne Alchemy / VApothecary Decant Circle!

ISO Possets, NAVA, Arcana and more

Looking for full (preferred) or partial bottles of:

Possets Silver Vanilla
Possets Silver Amber

NAVA Black Vanilla Custard
NAVA Ghost Velvet

Arcana Peaches Crave Terror
Arcana Peaches Crave Mambo

Haus of Gloi Saft Ernte
Haus of Gloi Caramelized Apricot

I completely missed Haunt's last sale and apparently she's closed permanently. If anyone has perfume oil (bottle preferred), sugar polish and/or skin glossing oil in apricot fairy floss, boardwalk or coconut cream & peaches, then I have paypal ready to purchase.

Violette Market:

The Captain's Quarters
The Sea Dragon
The West Indies
Moroccan Market

Blooddrop Whinnes No. 2 (2014? - Marshmallow with vanilla mango sorbet, dusted with nutmeg.)

Paypal ready!


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